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This product has not been evaluated by the FDA

Why do we have a statement on our packaging that says, “This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.” To be clear…the FDA recognizes that there is a significant public interest in CBD and hemp products, for therapeutic purposes and otherwise. They recognize that there is a substantial public interest in marketing and accessing CBD in food, including dietary supplements. The good news is that the research and data are ongoing. The FDA has benefited from the myriad of viewpoints expressed and information shared during recent public hearings, including new scientific data but still, the need for consistent terminology related to these products is at the forefront.

We have been practicing alternative medicine for years. Vanessa Kaukonen is a Certified Health Coach, a field that is finally being recognized by the medical establishment. Some of the vitamins and herbs that have been healing us for decades are still not approved by the FDA. We leave it to the consumer to decide what works for them. After trying other CBD products we can tell you that we have had success with the Jorma’s Choice line. There’s only one way to see if you would have success with the line too. Hit the “Shop Now” button on this page and for the month of February, we’ll send you a FREE sample of either the Muscle Balm or Tincture.

We Made It Through 2020

Hello all…It’s been a few months since we’ve written anything here. You’d think with a pandemic at our feet, there would be so much extra time to write given all of the shut downs and state mandates (that change on a daily basis). The good news is that we’ve been really busy. The not so good news is that we’ve been really busy. To clarify, our CBD line is doing better than we envisioned as are all our online merchandise sales. Jorma’s Choice sales have been enlightening and for that we are grateful but we just haven’t had the time to write about it.

We’d like to say that our line of Jorma’s Choice products has increased due to your interest and the demand for more products for the whole body. Our full line consists of our 1000 mg Muscle Balm, our 500 mg Muscle Balm, a new 1000 mg Muscle Cream, our 500 mg Black Cherry Tincture, a new 1000 mg Mint Tincture and a new 1000 mg Bath Soak with Eucalyptus essential oil. So, we want to thank you all for loving the product as much as we do.

The other news is that what we are finding with web sales and wholesale purchases is that the rules change from state to state. In terms of the online sales, there are banks that process your sales from credit cards sales that will not process anything with CBD or Hemp. That led us to a brand-new design and hosting of a new online store with a new processor that specifically allows the sale of CBD along with other products you might be offering. But wait! They won’t process CBD sales if you are selling tickets to live music events. What? That’s right. So, we had to regroup again but it is working or it will work because we haven’t done any live music events in our theatre because of the pandemic. When the vaccine gets distributed and live music is a thing again, we will have tickets for sale on our site but we will be using a third-party host; Event Brite. Almost all music venue’s use Event Brite’s service… so we jumped another hurdle. So, to sum up this year in regards to Jorma’s Choice, we’ve run the gamut of rules and regulations, stalls and starts and new marketing language but we are still here and you love the product(s). You may notice some changes in the way you purchase Jorma’s Choice and where you are directed to so you can buy it as easy as possible. Our main focus this year has been aligning our business and the entire line with statewide laws.

In closing this informational blog, we hope in the near future that minds are expanded when it comes to CBD usage. I have personally been sober for over 25 years. I wouldn’t be using CBD if the products got me high rather than helping my body heal. I can attest to the life changing effects Jorma’s Choice has had on my pain. I’ve had two nerve ablations, years of physical therapy and have taken more Motrin and Naproxen than I should but one application of Jorma’s Choice relieved my pain better than any of those other remedy’s. My problem too is that there are still plenty of people who will point to the law to justify their fear of the unknown.  It’s pretty easy to dismiss CBD usage entirely if all you know about it is its association with cannabis and that some politician is raising their eyebrows at it. Those politicians’ fears are entirely unfounded. Those of us who have benefitted from CBD are fighting to not let their worries influence your decision. CBD might very well be the smartest decision you ever make for your health.