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Jorma and Vanessa Kaukonen – 2019

It’s no secret that several decades ago, we decided to live a sober life. What does that mean? It means we chose to live our life without any mood-altering substances. It was a decision that has served us well and a lifestyle choice that has made all the difference. Not sure it warrants adding any more details. Over the last ten years, both Jorma and I have become aware of our age and our own experiences of our age and growing older. These are for most of us, some of the components of self-awareness in one’s adult years. For myself, I have had two nerve ablations on my cervical spine to kill the pain of the scars from a bad motorcycle wreck when I was 18. There is no cure for my neck issues. I just try and manage the pain, I work at staying fit, I eat right and live well as we like to say. It led me to become a Certified Health Coach with an additional certified course extension of my studies in hormone health. My reasons for becoming a Health Coach started because I wanted to know more about our bodies and our choices. It grew beyond my initial interest and now I have quite a few clients and my goals are to teach them to live well through a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle changes.

Jorma’s story is very different. Aside from making his living as a guitar player, he was an athlete…a speed skater and a cyclist when he was in his 20’s. He would take winters off from touring with the Jefferson Airplane and head to Inzell, Germany to speed skate. I like to say that you can bounce a quarter off of his backside (still to this day) due to all of that leg work he did back then. As much as he worked out back then, his hands worked harder than anything and his guitar playing is the proof. He practices every day and teaches and still tours about 100 dates a year. He’s also still an avid motorcyclist (his first love) and his bikes are big and fast. You have to be strong to ride the machines that he likes to ride. He’ll be 80 next year and he has no plans on stopping. About 15 years ago, he injured his rotator cuff. He and his doctor agreed that since it wasn’t a full tear that rehab as opposed to surgery would be a doable option. Anyone who’s done rehab knows it’s long and challenging and you have to be consistent. My point to our back story is that we treat our ailments naturally and our results have been successful. The only pain med that either of us take is 500mg Naproxen. It works…but not always. We don’t like to take pain meds so we tend to “deal” with our aches and pains. Depending on what’s hurting, if everything natural you’ve tried isn’t working… before you know it, the pain is in front of you and working to get that pain behind you can take days.

Fast forward to now and the ongoing quest to being conscious about our health. We were introduced to CBD Oil products through our local health food grocers. Though we were both reluctant at first…the more we researched, the more benefits we discovered were being documented. All of this information is available if you do your own research. We read everything from articles and research at the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Health to WebMD to small medical publications. Here’s what we found: CB1 receptors have been found in multiple locations in the peripheral and central nervous system as well as the brain. These receptors help regulate the heart and blood vessels, memory, emotions, pain, sensory regulation, the intestinal system and much more. CB2 receptors, on the other hand, are located mostly in the peripheral nervous system and are especially associated with the immune system and inflammation response. Armed with more information than we could remember, I tried a topical on my neck and Jorma tried some on his hands and his arms. Quite simply, we were sold when we got positive and even amazing results. It really opened up a new chapter of health and wellness for us. There were so many companies out there that were popping up that we used the tried and true method…word of mouth. Who was at the forefront? Whose product offered certificates of analysis? Whose product was getting results? It didn’t take too long to find the right product with the right people at its core.

~ Jorma and Vanessa Kaukonen

What People Are Saying About Jorma’s Choice

I was fortunate to be a student at the Fur Peace Ranch and was introduced to Jorma’s Own CBD muscle balm. I was a healthcare professional (retired oral surgeon) and am familiar with research into therapeutic uses of CBD (the non-psychogenic ingredient in cannabis). After driving from New Jersey I had aggravated chronic sciatica and IT band tenderness. I had not tried any CBD preparations, but I was uncomfortable and moderately desperate and reluctant to start taking oral analgesics. Vanessa described her own experience as virtually instantaneous pain relief … literally significant relief within a few moments. So, I tried Jorma’s own and I had the same result …virtually instant pain relief … much more significant than I expected. I’ve tried other topical ointments and balms (such as arnica, topical heat/cold applications) with only marginal improvement. Jorma’s Own gave me consistently and predictably better results than any other product I’ve tried.

You and Jorma have created a wonderful haven…
Hope to see y’all…

Rich H.

The best CBD I’ve tried. Full fan, way to go Jormas Choice.

Marcia S.

Over the past three years, I have developed neuropathy, a malfunctioning of nerves due to sciatica, in my feet, particularly my left foot. I have been trying to treat it homeopathically as the alternative surgery is a bridge I’d rather not cross at this juncture. I’ve tried several OTC topical ointments, such as frankincense, brand name pain creams, Lidoderm patches, as well as some CBD oils, with little to no relief.

Upon my recent visit to southeast Ohio, I tried Jorma’s CBD Oil, 1000 mg. From the first application, I received almost instant relief. Evenings tend to be worse, sometimes so much I can’t even keep a blanket over my foot without considerable discomfort. After a light lathering of the oil, I was able to sleep through the night without any foot pain.

The product comes with a full printout of its chemical properties, and ingredients and is void of any artificial additives, as well as THC.  I have paid nearly double for other CBD oils that did nothing to lessen pain, and only lightened my wallet. It’s fast-acting, within minutes my pain was greatly diminished. A little goes a long way, a slight dab on your finger will cover a fairly large area, in my case my two big feet, size 13’s.”

Two Thumbs Up

Mike D

With my wife’s and my backs in poor shape due to osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and both of us having lost 3″-4″ in height we need all the non opioid help we can get. Jorma’s Choice is by far the best we have used and the best price too. Jorma, from one fellow Traveling Brother to another, thank you for making this available!

Dale R.

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